Rega Brio R vs NAD D7050


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Had some further demo's today, namely Marantz PM6005, Rega Brio R and Arcam FMJ A19.

The Rega Brio R to my ears came out top. A musical, engaging, warm sound with no fatigue. The Arcam was a close second but was a bit clinical for my liking.

My favourite speaker with the Rega was the Kef Q500 floorstander. Anyone else heard this combo? I also tried the Rega RS3 but although it had more soundstage, it seemed slightly false and the bass was a tad boomy.

I am pretty set on the Rega/Kef, but I have a dilemma. How does the Rega compare to the NAD D 7050?

Budget is an issue and would mean me waiting to save up funds to later purchase an external DAC.

I intend to hook up to bluray & Sky box initially, then digital audio via NAS and spotify (with potential to maybe get Rega Apollo R CDP if I went down Rega-route).

I guess what I am asking, is, is it worth the more expensive outlay of Rega+DAC (when I won't be using the excellent phono stage of the Brio amp) vs the built in capabilities of the NAD D7050, also being cheaper.

I don't want to sacrifice audio quality though. I am also not able to easily demo the NAD due to no dealer near me.

Thanks for your help,


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