Rega Brio Owners attaching Sub ok?


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I have contacted Rega about attaching a BK electronic subwoofer to my system via high level input to the neutrik connector on the subwoofer.

They can’t say ether way if this would be ok, and BK electronics said it maybe find but cant give me a 100% certain answer.

The subwoofer would feed of the main terminals via 3 wires and the gain is adjusted via the sub, does anyone do this with the Brio or other Rega amps and is it safe?

Really want to be certain it’s going to be capable of doing this the instructions for the sub connection are below…




I've done this to my Rega Elex-R with a Rel R328 sub. Zero issues.


(Just to add, the sub mostly is used for 2.1 movie watching or adding a touch of bass weight heft to music, honestly though, my mate fixed my Rel after I replaced it with an SVS sub so found myself with an extra sub. )
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Connecting your sub to your amp as detailed in the diagram you supplied will be fine. My BK SUB is connected to my amp this way. All that's left is to dial in your sub to suit your listening preferences.

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