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I recent purchased a second hand Rega Apollo. I'm very pleased with the sound but I wondered what other owners make of getting your CD back out of the player? I have to flex the CD quite severely to eventually prize it back out. I am worried this might be bad for my CDs in the long term. Is this a legitimate concern, or should I just forget about it? Thanks.


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Which version? I have the recent half size version and have no trouble at all


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Mine is the half size version too - what am I doing wrong? The whole CD is so tightly held it flexes extremely before it’s finally released


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I had the same model of Apollo until recently, and whilst CDs do flex a little on being removed it never particularly concerned me. It has to hold the disc reasonably firmly to operate properly.

It's a very fine CD player indeed and it's great that you are enjoying the sound.


I have the newer half-width version of the Apollo and I have no issues getting CDs out.
There are 3 sprung grips that push out on the inside of the CD to hold it in place.
With no CD in try pushing these 3 grips in and make sure nothing is mechanically catching/rubbing and you only have the resistance of the spring working against you...

CDs sound great from the Apollo... I hope it works out for you.


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Thanks - I love it so I'm perfectly happy - just used to the slot from loading drawers. Great to re-engage with my huge CD collection again - I nearly sold it all but I'm so glad I didn't - the sound is far better than any of my downloads.

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