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after selling my exposure 2010s im using my rega rs3 with the marantz sr8002 but in stereo i think that the marantz is not the best company to the rega, after the exposure, the rega + marantz is a very dull and flat combo so im searching a "new" amp to use with the rega rs3 but i can go to an arcam a90 (i was searching for a rega brio 3 or creek 4330 but...) but ive never heard any arcam amp...i listen to 80s pop and rock, smiths, queen, supertramp, pink f., morrisey and so on, should this 2 have a "good marriage"??


I have had two setups using Arcam (Avr200, Avr350, P90/3, P90) with Rega (Juras and R7) speakers and I like the mix as they compliment each other well. Regas are very musical with a tendency to be on the bright side and Arcam amps have a warmer sound which balances out well. I have a friend who also uses Arcam amps (a85/P85) and Rega Juras and it is a very good system. Arcam's power ratings are perhaps one of the more honest out there - they deliver what they say they will and some reviewers have found that they exceed the published rating. A good indicator is the price s/hand Arcam amps go for - they hold their price well which means they are sought after.

At the end of the day though it is down to personal preference and an audition is recommended, preferably in your room as that will play a part. The Marantz is an AV amp and there are very few AV amps that are good with music - general opinion on here and in reviews is that Arcam are one of the few manufacturers whose AV amps are good for music.
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