Refurbished Xbox 360 - Fan trouble?


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Hey guys,

I got a refurbished Xbox 360 today since my old one got some GPU fault. (Console worked, but no picture at all apart from some weird moving white ball...thingys)


It needed a controller, and a game. So i got those, and have switched it on for the first time since it arrived. Needed updated, no hassle there. However, seconds after powering on the fans start to speed up and they go quite fast, and things get noisy. I have created a video to show this:

Anyone got any idea why this is happening? The seller did NOT mention this occurred and claims the console (and all the others they sell) to be fully refurbished.

Xbox 360 (Refurb) noise? - YouTube

Also, here are some thoughts i have as to why this is occurring.

1.) Temperature sensor broken? I assume if a temp. sensor malfunctions or is broken, the fans would speed up fully.

2.) Entire Xbox 360 system is faulty, or soon will be.

3.) Fan modded to allow constant full speed. (Although seller never mentioned this)

4.) System is supposed to do this..... (Please dont be this :p )

Any info is appreciated. :)


It's hard to tell how loud it is via a video, but it definitely sounds like the fans are ramping up to maximum speed as soon as you turn it on, which obviously isn't supposed to happen.

It's also hard to know what the problem is as it could be any of causes 1-3 that you listed.

Personally I would return it for a refund if possible. Even if you could live with the noise, it could be a sign of another fault that will cause the console to conk out.


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I have asked the seller some questions, and will await a response... If i get no response then i will most likely contact eBay to get my money back.

Thanks for the reply! :)

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Ill put cash on it that it will red ring soon :(

I had an old one I fixed up did the very same thing.


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Hmm, decided to use it and see if anything else was at fault. Everything seems fine apart from these fans. Like i said, have contacted seller, if within the next 2 days i donot receive a response i will contact eBay in the hopes i can get my money back.

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Just be sure to keep it on a hard surface matey.


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At the moment it is, and is well ventilated. Have used it for about an hour now, and warm air (of course expected) is being expelled from the back vents. I dont know whether the fast fans could actually be a benefit or not....


Just an update, offered a full refund for item as the sellers own technician said it shouldn't be doing what it is. (Fans running at full all the time). Been offered a full refund or replacement.
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Probably 12v mod.

The sellers name having 'Xtreme' in it certainly suggests they may dabble in that type of thing (its the name given to modified dvd firmware).

Looks like you filmed this on an iphone 4. Nice green and pink.


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Yes this was filmed on my iPhone 4.

The seller was actually; chrisandliz2011

The buyer was me; Xtreme1699

But according to the sellers own technician, the fans didnt do that when the system left the seller.

Decided to keep the system in case i want to do any experiments/etc... Bought an Xbox 360 Slim (250GB)

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