Refurbished PS3 - Where can I get one ?

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Is it possible to get a refurbished PS3 even if it is one of the slightly older models. A game console salesman told me the 120GB version is very good but hard to find. I'm interested in simple gaming and storing game settings, I'm not interested in using the console for movies, music or any other use.

It's important that moving parts be replaced in a refurb unit e.g. disc-drive and hard drive units. Also, the controllers ideally should be replaced with new ones.

Any help will be appreciated.


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It's possible, but I don't think it'd be financially viable. By the time the seller has replaced the hard drive, the Blu-Ray drive, & a dualshock controller, they're going to want to charge the price of a new console just to get their money back.

Replacement hdd £35-£50
Replacement controller £35-£50
Raplacement Blu-Ray drive - £50-£70

That's £120-£170 in parts alone. Maybe if they're a repair shop they might be able to get the parts a bit cheaper, but you'll probably only get a 3 month warranty on a refurb/2nd hand console.

If you can afford it, buy new for the warranty. If you need cheaper, then most 2nd hand slim PS3's should have plenty of life left in them.


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If you have a dead one then you can apparently arrange a swap for a refurbished one with Sony for between £110-130. These come with 3 months warranty and have been looked over.

The early 60GB models had a card reader and PS2 game compatibility but other than that there is very little difference in functionality between the 40GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and the 320GB. The slimmer ones are newer and I believe they are also quieter than the older fat models.

I had a 40GB fat until it died recently and that was enough disk space for all the saved games and demos I actually needed. I did sometimes run out of space but usually I had a load of demo stuff that I could dispose of to make space.

If you're looking to save money off the £180 new cost of a console then second hand with a warranty from somewhere like CEX, Game etc. would be worth a look. If you're looking to go cheaper than that then you're looking at second hand on the classifieds here or ebay.

I've been a bit stunned that second hand PS3s seem to hold very close to their new value at CEX etc. I've been looking to replace my dead one but I'm almost resigned to paying £180 for a brand new console.


When the new model PS3 comes out there should be a large price drop. Making new the only practical way to go unless you want an early PS2 compatible model.

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