Refurbished Panasonic TV,s my experience


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I Know panasonic sell refurbished tvs on ebay, but I have bought 3 from outlet returns shop on ebay in the last 12 months (a 65hx820 £500, 40jx800 £240 and 58jx870 £ 380)

These were all listed as grade c and at least 30-40% below the current sale prices when I bought them

All the tvs were like new when they arrived and the 58jx870 was in its original box with protective plastic on it and the remote . The other two where reboxed

Also the 40jx800 was damaged in transit twice and they replaced it next day both times with no issues.

It is of course a risk as they are listed as grade c in all 3 cases I have bought from them but just wanted to share my experience as if anyone is interested in a cheep panasonic it us worth keeping an eye on there ebay store .

They do sell other brands but my experience is only with panasonics from them . I think they sell john lewis returns as the 820 and 870 where John lewis versions only .


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That’s very interesting to read what I can’t understand is why the JX800 40 inch and 60 inch only has a one year warranty at my local independent tv shops and yet the BZ850 has a 5 year warranty ? Is the latter better made ? Is your JX a good picture in freeview HD ?


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Hi sorry no I have a 58 jx870 and the picture is fantastic. It does have an up rated processor to the jx800 . To be honest I like the picture on all 3 of my panasonics . The hx820 is great to and thats 65

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