Refurb box 2 hours old broken.


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Well after getting my letter in May about the box recall on my Pace HD box, I finally let them come and do it 2 weeks ago, there seemed to be nothing wrong with the box, just the 12 month warranty and 3 months free HD seemed too good to pass up.

After living with the Thomson refurb for 2 weeks I had it replaced today (noisy as a jumbo jet, and sluggish as hell) with a refurb Pace.

After 2 hours this one refuses to record, pause or fast forward.

I have spoken to Sky, they are sending a new (new) box on Wednesday.

Last year there was a big thing when I got my box, saying the Pace was the one to go with, I was lucky enough to get one, and as I say for a year it was spot on.

What am I likely to get this time, and which is the one to go for if a preference is available?




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Thats a bit of bad luck there mate, luck of the draw really. I would be insisting on a new box this time. I swapped my Pace for a Samsung and it has been faultless to date. SO much more quiet than the Pace with similar, if not better performance all round.

Watch out for Sky trying to scam you out of your free 3 months HD sub. They tried it with me and a few others so keep at them.


You should go through the SOGA Act as you can waive the £65 charge and get a free new box etc!


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You should go through the SOGA Act as you can waive the £65 charge and get a free new box etc!

I am getting a free box, and there is no call out charge.

Just wondering what box to choose, if there is a choice.

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If they are offering you a brand new box, there's nothing wrong with another Pace. The problem with the refurbs is that the criteria for testing them seems to be plug it in and if we get a picture then it's OK and it can go out to someone else. No soak testing for longer periods of time, etc. :thumbsdow


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The first rule of dealing with sky, NEVER accept a refurb. The boxes are refurbs for a reason and its not because they work.

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