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i have a Sim HT200DM and would like to rig my PC upto it

listed refresh rates are - horiz 15-80 and vert 40-100

with support for vga, svga, xga, sxga, uxga

any ideas or just trial and error with powerstrip?

If the refreshrate is too high you may experience tearing in the picture, depending on the resolution you're using and the specs of the PC. For digital projectors, 60Hz will do just fine. (I'm talking about the vertical refresh rate here)

Jim Cheese

60 hz will look like poo compared to 75 or 85 or even 100 hz.

Take it from me who plays every night game on a PJ.

Tearing can also be caused by vsynch not being activated in your graphics card. in 3d application.


I didn't know we were talking about games, but there you go. As for DVD playback, VSync settings aren't applicable (unfortunately). Tearing can be either the projectors or the pcs fault, but your SIM should be OK.

Just for the record, I tried a few games when I just got my projector, and I didn't notice any difference at 60 upto 85 HZ, Just at higher resolutions the picture became a bit fuzzy (due to the cheapish VGA capble I was using. I would be very surprised if it did make a difference, as LCD/DLP panels don't have a refresh as CRTs do.


exactly so, that's why, as long as the pj can accept a refresh rate you should be OK. Best results of course by matching resolution with source, or if no match then as high as poss. given restraints of your VGA card, ie if it's not up to it, don't go too high. Sharpness is not always everything with movies, especially after thw 1st bottle! Refraining completely will sharpen your image astonishingly I find!

Peter Parker

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I always use 75hz for PAL and 72hz for NTSC.

Using those ensures that you don't get any judder in pans when watching film based material on DVDs.

PAL are encoded at 25 frames per second, so multiples of that work fine, and NTSC are encoded at 24 but use 3:2 pull down to fit into 60hz. Using 72hz removes the need for 3:2 and 24 fits into it nicely.



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