Reformatting my laptop's hard drive


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My old laptop (Advent 7016) has become very clogged up, so I've decided to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP. I connected my laptop hard drive to my desktop PC with an IDE pin converter cable and backed everything up onto the desktop hard drive. I have the suitable Advent system recovery disc... but I then found out the disc drive on my laptop isn't working. I can hear it whirring but there's no "click" sound of it reading the disc, or whatever the click means.

I want to know if I would be able to use my laptop hard drive as a master on my desktop, reformat it using the Advent disc, then swap the hard drives back over. The reason I'm not sure is because I know there are hardware incompatibilty issues when using a recovery disc for a different system. But if I then put the HDD back into the system it's supposed to work with, would it still work?

Of course, I've just thought about the laptop hard drive not working at all in the desktop in the first place.


Edit: Never mind. I dug out an old laptop and butchered the disc drive out of it. It works fine now. :thumbsup:


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To be honest, if it isn't 'clicking' then it's probably dead.

The clicking is the sound of the disk head actuator (aka. the disk 'arm') moving the heads from one cylinder to another across the disk's surface .. lack of such a noise usually indicates a failure which for most intents and purpose isn't fixable.

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