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Newby here from central Indiana. Thank-you for allowing me to join and all of the knowledge available on the forum. I've read but never posted in the past but since I needed to join to post, here I am. I need some help. I have 4 Klipsch RF 7 speakers, an RC 7 and an RSW 15 all cherry veneer. I purchased these from a store manager of a well known AV store in central Indiana in 2004 that was upgrading to the latest and greatest. He only had them for six months. I do not have original sales paperwork and all I have is a hand written bill of sale. I'm sure he got an employee discount and a great deal but so did I compared to what I believe is retail. I am moving next month and do not have a place to set them up in the new house and would like to sell them. I would consider them to be in perfect to near perfect condition. I am the only one that has touched them (except for the guy I bought them from) and I treated them like gold. My setup sounds amazing. Can someone tell me what these pieces retailed for new back in 2004 and what I should start out for a price. These will be pick up only as I would never trust delivery companies to get them to their destination undamaged. Thank-you in advance and if anyone might be interested in an audition, please let me know.


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You are posting on a predominately UK forum, but if you want to get an idea of what they are worth see what people are selling them for on eBay. :)
Klipsch Rf 7 for sale | eBay

Also check out the American/Canadian AVS Forum, AVS Forum


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Dolus, thank-you for your response and unfortunately I noticed that after I joined. The knowledge that I was able to pull from avforum members when I did my setup was invaluable and this is a top shelf site. I thought I would go ahead and post should there be some US members that could provide me with some pricing help. I am going to the audio store today to talk to the sales team to see if possible to sell them on consignment or give me some realistic expectations. Again, thank-you for your response and will be turning to this group when I setup my new, more size appropriate system in the new place.


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