Reference DVD to show off your system you might have forgot

Max Payne

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Gangs of New York

I put this on last night and was completely blown away with the picture (just Standard Definition through component by the way). I was wondering whether my projector was suddenly getting better due to more hours going on it or whether it was the disk. Im nearly sure its the disk and its simply breathtaking. It makes it more impressive because it "real" quality rather than a finding nemo/incredibles reference quality.

I thought I would post it here because its a film that maybe some people forget about when showing their friends their set up. I don't think you will be disappointed because I was absolutely gobsmacked.

The picture just looks perfect:clap:

Max Payne

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Just had to check the reviews for it on avplay and sure enough:
Right from the start you can't help but be impressed with the sharpness and amount of detail on show. Colours are well saturated with strong blacks and plenty of shadow detail. The exterior daytime scenes just look incredibly three dimensional with tons of back ground detail and lush skin tones. The print is also remarkably clean with no damage or dirt present and only the slightest amount of grain is seen in the darkest shots. There are occasional glimpses of edge enhancement on our 7.5ft review screen and the odd compression artefact, but you have to be looking very hard to see them. This is an epic transfer for an epic movie, top class!
Picture score : 10

Couldn't agree more - it was just remarkable (and I don't have a 1,000 pound dvd player)
Well recommended
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