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Hi everyone just after some advice got made redundant at the start of september after nine years. Im not owed any wages but am intitled to redundacy pay and severance pay. Had a letter today from the reciever with a form enclosed (Proof of Debt) for creditors should I feel it out and return it, or is there another way to claim the money.


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Perhaps someone can answer that question on here. If not I'd call the Citizens Advice to get the low down.


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I gather from your note that your company has gone bust?

If so, then firstly, please accept my sympathy. :) I hope everything works out for you.

I'm not sure of the difference between redundancy pay and severance pay. Is the letter making a distinction?

Either way, and if it's true that the company is in the hands of the receiver, then there is no alternative direct source of money, and I suggest you send off the form straightaway. But first of all read carefully all the explanatory literature which came with it. It should explain the situation and your rights. If in doubt, contact the receivers directly. Despite what you might think, they are there to help.

This form is just the first shot: it registers your claim. Make sure you put down everything you think you might be entitled to, but it does not commit you to accepting anything at present. That will come when you receive a formal offer. But make doubly sure before you sign, and also make sure you meet any deadlines which they have set: you could lose out if you reply too late.

I should warn you that there could well be a difference between what you are entitled to and what is left in the kitty. If so, there are government compensation funds which might help in some circumstances. Be rather careful of signing away anything which looks like it waives any further claims you may have. Again, there should be plenty of advice available from your company and the receiver. JUS' advice about the CAB is very sound.
Redundancy pay is paid when your job has disappeared, your company can pay voluntarily or you can claim statutary pay through a goverment compensation scheme.

Severance pay is when you have signed a specific length contract with an organisation/company, if the company wishes to cut the agreement short they have to compensate you accordingly.

I might be wrong on the above but thats my understanding.

Redundancy can be a minefield so once you have signed the dotted line you have signed away any further rights.

I think you need to take the forms with you to CAB or similar authority and ask them to help with filling the forms out.

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Thanks for your replies managed to sort it out today have sent the form back and the reciever will contact us at a later date to claim for the redundancy from the goverment fund. All seems very complicated though and has to follow a correct procedure.

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