Reducing track audio in imovie?


Using iMovie '11. Got a track overlayed on the home video. But i want to reduce this track for say 10 seconds in the middle so i can include the audio from the footage in certain parts. For the life of me i cant see how to do this lol

Any ideas?


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There is a constant line running thru the audio tracks, simply select the section you want to reduce and click and drag the line down to the desired level.

clip by Nebbs, on Flickr
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Cool thanks for that. That increases the home video volume but doesnt decrease the audio music track volume. But how do i reduce the mp3 background music for say 10 seconds in the middle of a song?


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clip 2 by Nebbs, on Flickr

Same way as adjusting the volume on the video track (blue audio section), in the grab above i've added a audio backing track (green audio section), simply click and drag your selection of audio (yellow selection box) you wish to alter then click the volume level bar and drag up or down.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any further help.

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