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I've been a Sky customer for almost 20 years but with the various recent price hikes on what feels like each additional add-on, I'm seriously wondering if I should look at trying to reduce the price of my monthly subscription. Which will be 50 quid a month from next month. A price I swore I would never pay.

At the moment I have:

Sky Entertainment 27.00
Sky Box Sets 5.00
Sky Cinema 11.00
Sky HD 7.00

We never watch the boxed sets, I think I've watched new stuff if it is dumped on there in a block and it is set to record via the series link in the planner (the 'downloading next episode' thing kicks in, I suspect this is due to the boxed sets subscription, but I'm not sure).

The Cinema subscription is discounted, no idea how or for how long. But we don't watch many movies on Sky. Over the last few months, I've only watched Justice League and The Hunt.

I'm still flabbergasted they charge for HD. Mrs likes it for the Tennis, but as it is on BBC we'd still get it in HD wouldn't we?

At the very least I could ditch the movies and the boxed sets.

Any thoughts? :)


Entertainment and box sets are combined in sky Signature which typically costs £20.
Cinema at £11 isn’t too bad, HD is typically not charged for.


At the very least I could ditch the movies and the boxed sets.
Assume, like me, you have Sky+HD. Signature replaces entertainment and includes boxsets.

I recently cancelled and was given an offer. I removed movies thinking with so little in the way of new good movies I could subscribe to NowTV in the future for a month to catch up.

New price with my deal for signature is £16 + £3 for HD (they wouldn't budge on that). I do have sports as well which might reflect on the signature price.


Yes, Q is fairly standard by now.


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Well, I've given Sky a ring, 20 minutes later...

Sky Signature instead of Sky Entertainment - saved a fiver as the boxed sets are included.
Sky HD - 2 quid reduction.
Cancelled Sky movies.

Next months bill will be 31 quid instead of 50. Not bad.


Very good!



Due to being lazy and not really noticing my total bill creep up, I think I probably have the worst package ‘deal’ ever, under contract until 18/07/21 so here it is for the sum of £73.50

Sky Sports Premier League
Sky Sports HD
Sky Entertainment
Sky Q Multiscreen x 1
Sky Box Sets - Never watched
Sky Kids - Never watched

Plus my Broadband May’s bill came to £105.69, June‘s will be £109 and then out of contract July, August are both £114.00

Now this is too much, I have zero interest in Box Sets or Sky Kids and have no idea what Sky Signature is, I assume it replaces the base package. I subscribe to Prime and Netflix, Apple TV etc which will not change.

Thought about approach? These new packages confuse me.



You should be paying around £40 for Sky Q TV.
Ask them to give you a deal with full details.


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The Signature package is the new Entertainment package and it includes boxed sets, so that is a saving of a fiver straight away. Drop Kids (shame, as I really miss Adventure Time), another fiver saved.

Your broadband costs are astronomical! I pay around 40 quid with TalkTalk (I've never had a problem with them and I've been a customer since the Tiscali days) and I'm getting 60Mbps download / 20 Mbps upload.

There must be better ISPs for you to choose from.

Still annoys me you have to pay extra for Sky HD.


The fibre is only £32.00, May’s total bill for tv and fibre was as above.

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