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Does anyone know if there is a lens I can buy for a projector to reduce the image size? My old projector went pop so I replaced it but the new one projects a larger image. Even when I reduce the image with the slider it is about 20% too big. The projector is a Benq W1070.

The projector uses an existing ceiling mount and there is no possibility to move it closer.
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Navitar make conversion lenses for projectors. I use there wide angle 0.65 Screen star but they also do tele conversion lenses. It works very well with little light loss and no distortion and is very sharp. I got mine cheaply 2nd hand off a well known auction site as they're expensive new - more expensive than your w1070. Modifying a stills camera lens might be another option.

Wide-Angle and Telephoto ScreenStar Lenses | Navitar
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