Reduce Grain/Noise on B&W films


I have a Panasonic PTAE5000 which I'm very happy with under normal circumstances with its "out of the box" settings.

However I have some B&W blurays (most recently "12 Angry Men") where the noise is awful and almost makes the image unwatchable.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions that have been found to give a great B&W image with minimal disruption.

Absolutely no probelm with colour disks and 3D - just B&W.

Many thanks in advance!!

Peter Parker

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It could be they're just grainy disks, or poorly mastered (try searching for reviews and see if they had the same issues), but sometimes an overly bright image or having the brightness and contrast set incorrectly can enhance any grain or image noise if it's there.

How big is your screen, and how many hours on the lamp. Has the pj been calibrated?

EDIT: Just did a search for a review and it seems to have been remastered and cleaned up (assuming this is the same disk you have):

12 Angry Men Blu-ray



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Gary, that's the US release. However, the UK release uses the same master and has only a slightly lower bitrate, and looks pretty much identical.

I have the Criterion and it's a wonderful presentation.

Any grain is in the image on the disc.

For the OP - get a set up disc to correctly set up brightness and contrast, as Gary suggests, or a calibration.

Steve W


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I don't know if they changed much after the AE3000 I had, but the gamma controls were pretty coarse on mine which meant it was hard to achieve a higher gamma. If the gamma is set too low then this may well exaggerate noise in darker areas of the image, so calibration could well be the answer (or minimum setting it up using a test disc). Also the brightness or the detail enhance/sharpness controls could be set too high which set up should help with your issue.


Thanks very much for your replies.
I used to have an AE2000 and B&W (all RegionB) used to be fine - a great image in particular was with "The Innocents" but I did notice that there was a lot more grain/noise some time after I changed the projector - which made me think that maybe the settings on the 5000 needed tweaking. I never really got round to looking at this again until recently, when I picked up the RB of 12 Angry Men. Being a recent release it never even occurred to me it might be significantly different from the Criterion.
I haven't had the projector calibrated because, as previously mentioned, PQ has been great most of the time in my not ideal "non-batcave" conditions. It's a 7ft wide screen by the way (94" diagonal), VUTEC acoustically transparent.
Looks like I'm therefore going to have to play around with the settings and failing that, look to gettiing a proper calibration - I'm not planning to upgrade although the lamp time is around 1400hrs.
Any recommendations on the first course of action would be much appreciated.

Thnaks once again for your help.


Peter Parker

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To set the contrast and brightness correctly, you will need a test disk. There is a link in my sig to basic calibration, and there are a couple of very good videos showing you how to do this.

You can burn your own test disk from here:

AVS HD 709 - Blu-ray & MP4 Calibration - AVS | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Some THX disks have THX Optimiser which allows you to do the same thing using their own test patterns, or you can buy a specialist disk from people like Spears and Munsil which you can find on Amazon. There are others, so you could use the calibration forum to find which one people prefer.

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