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Is there a program that will let me send the bass out through all the speakers? I've just got some cheapy Zalman 5.1 headphones, and they're OK, but a bit tinny when coming straight from my PC.

I've sort of fixed it a little bit - if I send the front speaker output to my TV, then out from my TV into the headphones, the front speakers have a decent amount of bass, via the settings in the TV, so that comes out OK, but then it's all out of balance because the rear and centre speakers are still tinny!

So what I need is a program that'll send the bass out, or at least up the normal amount of bass that exists in the 5 speakers as normal? I've tried all the settings my sound card has (Realtek, just on board, but it's a really good sound through speakers, just not these headphones because they're only 5.0!)



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you could try using ac3 filter which is used to preprocess audio for movies etc. It wont work with your games but any song or music should benefit. you should be able to configure the matrix to send bass or .1 to all the speakers i think. havent tried this myself but a bit of reading up on the matter may solve your problem.

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