Red tint via HDMI to Pio PDP 435XDE


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If I connect my PC to the VGA input on the media box of my 435, everythings crisp and clear. However, going 'up' to the HDMI input (using a DVI to HDMI cable), everything seems to have a red tint (I've played with the settings on Power Strip which has helped a little, but even the overall picture quality seems very poor (far worse than scart!). When I receonnect my PC monitor (LCD), thereby using the same interface on the graphics card, everythings fine(using a DVI to DVI cable).
My PC is a P4 at 3Ghz, 1 Gig RAM, rADEON 9800 Pro card.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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ive got a 435XDE...its annoying how the VGA connector is at the front, so if you have a media center permanently connected it looks messy!

have u tried a different cable?

Joe Fernand

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What signal are you outputting from your DVI equipped Graphics card?

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Fusion - no haven't tried a different cable - I'm suspecting my settings are to blame.......

Joe - my settings on the PC are currently 1280 * 1024, but when connected to the plasma my settings (profile) were set to 1280 * 720 with 32bit colour. I've used the .inf file which has been created for the XDE by another member of this forum - I'm also running Powerstrip (again on recommendation by reading previous posts - I've disabled this to see if it makes any difference, all to no avail unfortunately).


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