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Hopefully somebody can help me with this - I've been playing through Red Steel and at random parts in the game I notice a grid like pattern of little white dots, they move with the camera and appear in random places (but seemingly mostly at dark/shadowy parts of the screen).

I was wondering if anyone else who has Red Steel has noticed the same thing?? This could just be the way Red Steel looks as it doesn't happen in any of my other games (Zelda, Rayman, Wii Sports).

I've read numerous topics on overheating issues etc on other forums but none of the artifacts that people are seeing seem to match what I'm experiencing.

I'm using a 32 inch LCD but I've tried this on a "normal" television and get the same effect. It also happens on both component and composite. How warm the console is or how long it has been turned on has no effect on this either.

I took a few pictures to show what I'm seeing:

So i've come to the conclusion that it's either normal for red steel, or it's a dodgy copy of the game, or my wii has overheated and the gpu is broken... any ideas?


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It looks to me like Red Steel itself - it looks like anti-aliasing that shows up pretty badly on your televisions. To be honest, I never noticed it but I may not have been looking. If it doesn't happen on any other games or whilst using the Wii OS then it's not a problem with your Wii


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more than likely its a settings turn the brightness of the tv down,or switch on the black levels.


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Hi, just on red steel, has anyone else had their aiming "twitch" about the screen randomly.

Its not the Wiimote as when going threw menus and such it behaves normally with no random movement, just getting annoy cause so much depends on the accuracy.


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go into the game options,and turn down the remote volume,to zero,well stick it low,and see how that goes..if not,then turn it right down,and that will solve your problem..
but funny,only some people are affected by this..


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it effected me too much so in the end i got rid of it and traded it in for Sonic which im enjoying very much :)

I hope UBIsoft really go through some QA testing next time because how that thing got into the game is a shambles


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it doesnt affect everyone,just some..and those with older wiimotes seem to be affected more than ohers..might be the speaker in the wiimote,that causes it,as when its muted,its you cant blame ubi,when noone knows what causes it.

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