red speckle effect problem#!!!!


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Morning all,

Been a while since post, as since getting the living room just the way I want it, my wife go pregnant, and I've been trying to get the house finished!! I'm delighted of course, but now want to build an extension and having a second living room. And keep our extension one for adults only!!

I've got a red speckle effect on black loading screens on my Plasma!!!

It happens on both the PC and the PS2. It is fine when a black screen is on a film or game. It just happens when a loading screens are up. and its only to the sides. It not at the top or the bottom.

The speakers are at the sides. But wouldn't have thought it would be them. And I have LED light strips at the sides. But these are also at the top and bottom. So if it were them causing the problem (if they could) then surly it would be at all side.

I hope this makes sense to some one.

Model : Samsung: ps42v6 (No flaming please :boring:

Any thought as to cause? Is it something I should be worrying about?

Thanks in advance,



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I have seen this on a samsung before. Although it was across the whole screen on mine.The internal processor was knackered so i got a refund. You'll need to claim on your warrenty.


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My Hitachi has this problem. Total red screen sometimes yet engineer does nothing as it wasn't doing it when he came - fair play but whay not believe me? Have taken photos aand intend to go to Comet today to show them the proof!


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I have seen it on a Samsung and it was definitely image retention/screen burn.

At first it looked just like random red sparklies, but over time the sparklies did fall into the rough outline of a banner that was regularly shown on the display. The banner wasn't on permanently, but repeated at regular intervals, and the red sparklies gradually took on its shape.


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Mate had it on his Samsung and when an engineer came out to see it said it was faulty, sent it back and got something else instead.


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That's my problem...getting them to take it back! They want to repair it but I want to upgrade instead. Don't care if I have to pay more anything to get rid of this Hitachi lemon!


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How long have you had it??

I know someone that had red pixels being randonly lit on an Hitachi 6600 and he got a refund on it.

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