Red Sonja (1985) 4K UHD


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Links: - HMV - Zavvi

Release date: 18/07/2022


Steelbook thread: Red Sonja (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)
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Watched it recently funnily enough. Not aged well at all but it’s a cult film for many. Especially Arnie fans. Brigitte Nielson was in it before she met Stallone. She was hot


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I never liked it, found it hugely disappointing after the conan films, hope they get a 4k release though.


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Zavvi listing will be live in the morning so ignore the "sold out"
Amazon pre-order is now up if that suits, link in OP.
Thanks so much. I went ahead and preordered from your steelbook link. Great stuff. I enjoy this film, a little campy and pulpy but fantastic and exciting. Sonja is a great character and I still enjoy a simple good vs evil story. :)


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I do like that new UK artwork although I see the German Steelbook (and Zavvi above) uses the same artwork I think that was on the UK VHS:


That's cool artwork although the Zavvi images show no film title text which I don't like. Cheaper for production I suppose.
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There's also an Australian release 31 August:



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Brigitte Nielson was in it before she met Stallone.
She has admitted now that she was having an affair with Arnold at the time, I do believe each of them were married.
She's quite tall, a good example of a Scandinavian woman!
If only History had done the Vikings series when she was young.


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I remember this being worse than the second Conan movie, which itself was only average at best. Not worth a rental let alone a buy.


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The 2nd Conan is all about Olivia D'Abo, Va-Va-Voom!

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