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Red Ring at Night, Green in the morning


Established Member
For the past 2 nights I have turned my 360 on and have had the dreaded RROD, but then I wake up, check the box and it boots up just fine.

Has anyone else experienced this?, last time it died it just RROD'd once and then never came on again.


Prominent Member
Sort of - when my xbox failed with the RROD, it was usable for a day or so after, then they got more frequent and finally RROD all the time. The fault is the usually the overheating of the Graphics chip which is on a slightly raised board on the xbox motherboard - the connections from the GPU to the motherboard expand and contract with the change in temp due to a design fault in the cooling and eventually snap. Sometimes this occurs all at once other times it will "reconnect" when it cools down, it can be a bit random.

I fixed mine by removing the device that holds the heatsink to the GPU (called the X Clamp) and replacing it with 4 small bolts - this had the effect of holding the heat sink more firmly to the GPU but as the bolts go thru the motherboard it also holds the GPU more tightly to the motherboard, stopping the expansion and contraction to due the heat and stopping the connections from moving apart and RRODing the damn thing.

All of which is nice but in short means your xbox is on the way out get ready for a full time failure.

Covert Recon

Prominent Member
I had this happen in the last 24 hours.

RROD yesterday afternoon, left it for an hour and tried again, and again, but still RROD.

Turned on this morning and seemed to work. Had a shower, then turned it on again, RROD was back.

I had already phoned MS yesterday and got the UPS delivery label by email, packaged it and UPS guy took it an hour ago.

Looks like I'm catching up on some DVDs I haven't watched yet. :(


Established Member
Sorry to hear it covert. Dreaded RROD. I will still be on the battlefield when ya get the 360 back :smashin:


Distinguished Member
When my 360 died a while back, it wouldn't play 'big' games with heavy duty GFX, but if I warmed up up gently with 10 minutes of Geometry Wars, it was OK and I could play Crackdown. :confused:

It did die completely after a couple of weeks of this though. :(

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