Red kite


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Hi, i was lucky enough to spend two full days commited to capturing two stunning birds ,the common buzzard and the red kite ,i came back with quite a few images but this is one of my favorites as their is no better feeling than knowing your subject is coming straight at you giving you the eye and allowing you to photograph him......mind you he soon turned after a few clicks ....
Red kite by den9112, on Flickr


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That is a really great shot - I love the feather at the wing tips, as they curve up. Looks quite menacing.

where did you go to photo them, out of interest? I live in Rutland and these are 10-a-penny! I must see half a dozen each morning on the way to work, sometimes even 4 or 5 circling together (I thought these were a solitary bird?).


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Another stunning shot Dennis :)

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