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Jan 29, 2004
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Just got my plasma 42pa20b. so I'm a newbie. i notice that on blacks, if I go up close to the tv to examine the picture, the screen shimmers with lots of tiny green, black, and blue pixels. from a distance its not noticeable, though I do notice a slight shimmer to the picture compared to a regular CRT. is this normal?
It occurs because Plasma 'cells' (pixels) cannot be illuminated very slightly (dimly) as would be necessary to produce a very tiny amount of a given colour. So they have to illuminate them by a greater amount. However, to keep the colour rendition right, they flash them on and off.
ah. thanks guys. phew.
If you increase or decrease the brightness you will notice the quantity changes, just like chap above says perfectly normal.
You must realise that a plasma is meant to be watched from a distance not close up, as it will always look pants close up.
Relax and enjoy the future.
Is there a "minimum" distance? I had heard about twice the screen width as a suggestion.
I was thinking of getting a 42" and will be viewing from about 8 feet.
I think your best bet is to visit a shop and have a look. I doubt this particular "issue" will be a problem though - the dithering really is only very noticeable when you're within a couple of feet of the screen. There may well be other things you notice from 8 feet away which are worse, but you should judge for yourself.

FWIW I sit pretty close to mine - maybe 3-4 meters away. I have a 50" screen, and I find it just fine at this distance. Whats the point of buying a big screen and then sitting so far away it looks like a portable :)

Of course if someone wants to buy me a nice big house I'm sure I'll learn to live with sitting further away...

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