Recovery of deleted files.


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Hi, one of my close friends is having a spot of "girl" :devil: trouble and has asked me to help.....
He wants me to recover deleted stuff off their home pc so he can go through it. I have a couple of programs, Recover My Files & PC Inspector File Recovery (any freeware suggestions wanted)and I am going to give him my external usb HDD to copy his pc hdd onto it. Would this work for what we need? Would it mirror his drive, ie to show deleted items or would it just show current stuff?
Any pronto help would be appreciated.


If you just drag & drop files from the PC to external HDD then it will only copy currently visible files. However if you do a HDD image (with the likes of Norton Ghost) then even deleted files (that haven't been overwritten) will be on the image and could therefore 'hopefully' be recovered.
If your recovery software does not work then you could try creating an Ultimate Boot CD and see if any of the tools on there do a better job.



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as mark said the safest method is to make a HDD image using ghost or any imaging s/w and then run a recovery s/w on it. I have used runtime get data back! its very efficient. try it. its not free though.


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he wants to copy his drive and then get you to recover lost files?

if this is the case then ghost and the like will not work as I am sure they only takes files there in the file allocation table which is how you can ghost to a smaller drive unless there is an advanced option for a binary byte for byte copy you will need to make a forensic image using something like

Collection Tools

this will then contain the potentially lost data and allow you to go digging through.
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