Recover deleted Sagem recordings ???



I have just accidentally deleted my entire harddisk ("List") on my Sagem PVR 6200T.

Does anyone know if this can be retrieved? Or does anyone know of any specialist companies who can provide this service?

Any suggestions are welcome,

Thanks very much

Chris Thomas


I'm new to this site and have recently purchased the same pvr. I have a computing background and lifted the lid on this pvr. This was to enable me to recover recordings direct from the hard drive. Unfortunatly the drive in the box is formatted in a non standard not Windows format and can1t be read by the OS.
I`m researching the way this drive has been formatted and hope to be able to do what I intended. If you require your recordings that are deleted then stop using the drive in the pvr it will overwrite your deleted recordings if you do. If you have already done so then bye to your recordings.If your brave enough to have done something simmilar to me then do not reformat the drive in windows this may result in the drive being useless in the pvr.Hope this hasn`t upset u too much but will keep u posted of this project.


Staff member
.....and a salutory lesson to all: if there is something you want to keep (badly) then archive it off onto another medium - such as DVD.

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