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I am new to Philips and my 55OLED936. I have formatted and set up a WD Elements USB drive for scheduled recordings. Both my user guide and the Philips site tell me to go to the TV Guide, select a program and then press the "red line" Record button. But the red line shows "Recommendations". Scheduled recording is impossible... this way. However, if I press the instant record "round red" button when a program is highlighted, a clock timer symbol appears on the TV Guide and the program records. I can then watch it and delete it.
Have Philips totally changed recordings and not updated their paperwork? Or what?
As an aside, once I have chosen to record a program, I can't remove the scheduling. Any idea how I can delete the timer clock before the program records?


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A follow up post from me. Another TV Guide issue. The user guide/Philips website say that I move from day to day In the Guide via the ‘yellow line’ button, but mine shows “Search”.
I am a technical novice. Have I set the TV up wrongly? Why does what the TV Guide allow me to do bear no relation to what it should do?
A response to someone who has no technical understanding would be appreciated.


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You're right on all accounts, I've also noticed when recording you can't access the PSB catch-up apps. And there's no option for series record. Really poor after thought with recording. It's as if they believe everyone just relies on catch-up services instead of recording, but somethings aren't always available on catch-up, or maybe I want to keep things for longer.

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