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Anyone else noticed a change in % required to record on sky+ recently. Not sure whether it happened when the latest software went on.

Previously 1hr recording seemed to use 6% ish
Now is less about 4%

Also when you first select an item to be recorded it tells you a required %, but when it actuallt records it is always less now.

Was recording a film last night at about 2 hours long, stated it wanted 11 or 12%, when i looked this morning, it stated that it had used 9%.

This never used to happen, just wondering whether sky had modified the amount or space used when recording an item, as had been mentioned on here previously ?


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It's always been that way, honest:)

SKY+ records the bitstream and as channels broadcast at what ever bitrate they choose or can afford the HD space required varies as well. The space required indicator will always be higher than what is actually used, probably by design to ensure the SKY+ can avoid any potential capacity problems.


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Appreciate that the % may change from the estimated, but prior to 1 week ago all my 1 hour recordings took up 6% they now only take up 4% ALWAYS.


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Well since I record one hour programs across a whole spread of channels I can with hand on heart say that the capacity used by my SKY+ using an original 40gig hard drive and auto padding is between 4% and 7% which will have been rounded up/down by the software.
I accept that the recordings you have been making may have always reported 6% used especially if you had a limited sample of programming off the same channel but I can not accept the idea that all 1 hour programs always use 6% :)

Just a thought, there may be some variation in how each model of SKY+ reports used HD space. It might be interesting if I recorded a couple of 1 hour programs that you do and compare the results.
Worth a try ?

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