Recording xbox 360(VGA input) onto computer HD(HDMI input), Same monitor.


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I figured it would be a monitor question since it is the monitor I am having problems with..

I have my desktop hooked into my monitors HDMI input and my Xbox 360 hooked into my VGA input on my monitor, I can switch between the two under menu on my monitor.

I was wondering if I could record my xbox 360 games which is connected to the VGA, onto my desktops hard drive which is connected through HDMI with some sort of program, I've tried FRAPS but it didn't work at all, and some recording thing that records what your monitor sees but it just stays on desktop.

Thanks hope this is in right section >.<


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The HDMI cable and sockets are only one way so there's no way the monitor can send data through it (fraps gets the data before it's sent to the monitor), if you want to record the video from your xbox you need it plugged into a video capture card in your PC.

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