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We recently bought a Samsung LE26R41BD LCD digital TV. Very happy with it except for one thing. Recording on my Sony VCR is a problem. It's OK if we just want to record a terrestrial signal, but if we want to record a digital signal we have to leave the TV switched on at the programme we are recording. If we put the TV on standby, or change to a terrestrial programme while the recording is being made, it ceases to record it. When we used a digi-box with our old TV it was fine. Any answers please?


Am surprised you're surprised! The digibox is intergrated into the TV, so if you're TV's off, the digital receiver is... how do you expect it to record anything?

The best solution to your problem (cheapest) would be to use a second external digital tuner (digibox) for recording purposes, this would also let you record one channel while watching another (with your integrated tuner).


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Some TV's allow the internal tuner to be active for recording even if TV is in standby. You would normally select the programme in the EPG and the Freeview tuner would present its signal on one of the AV sockets for an external box to record. Some even have a 'digital link' (Smartlink etc) facility to allow the VCR to be started/stopped by the TV itself.

It may be worth seeing if the Samsung can be programmed this way using the EPG.


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I was was just about to post the same question, we have a JVC 32DS6 and was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to record digital TV from the built in tuner with the TV off??



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I have just discovered with regards to our 32DS6 (may be the same/similar for other makes) there is a timer function for switching on the built in digital tuner when the TV is off for recording. (go to DTV setup/ Rec Timer)
A bit like setting your video etc, choose channel date time etc with memory for 10+ settings and can be different channels.
Also does record when switching to analogue TV or another input (as long as DTV is set to Output2)

Hope this helps


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