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Jan 1, 2004
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I have recently got a Panasonic DMRE50 DVD Recorder and have fitted the 3 scart leads correctly. Automatic tuning has set up channels 1 to 5. I have a Sky Digibox connected but so far have only been able to record the 5 channels. I think the problem must be my connection settings.

Do I select AV1 V2 AV3 or AV4 on the recorder to get the digibox signal into the recorder? How do I set it up so that I can use the personal planner on the digibox?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
Set the Sky digibox to output RGB in the picture settings.Connect its TV SCART to the AV2 input on your recorder.Connect the recorders AV1 output to the tv.Go into 'connections' and make sure AV1 and AV2 are both set to RGB.
The digibox vcr scart does not output RGB.But connect it to the tv to watch if your recorder is recording from non Sky material.All recordings should be done from digital-not analogue.
I think it may not be possible for the digibox to activate the E50-others may know different

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