Recording TV output onto Canon MV650i



Hi there,
I recently purchased the Canon MV650i. I want to record the output from my tv, so I can transfer to the pc and burn tv programmes onto dvd.

I have connected the video and audio phono plugs from the tv, into the av in on the MV650i. When I set the camcorder to begin recording the tv, i get a blank screen. The time counter is activated and running so something is happen.

Anybody got any ideas whats going wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Simon Stevens


How exactly are you connecting the TV to the camcorder ??

Are you using a scart socket on the TV and the Scart to phono adapter which came with your camcorder ??

If Yes this is your problem - the scart to phono adapter supplied is for video IN (from camera to TV) nip to your local Maplins and buy a Scart-OUT or Switched (in-out) adapter and set that to out.

Are you also sure that the scart socket you are using on your TV has signal out - on many TV's with two scart sockets only one is wired for signal out. - try connecting to your VCR scart socket.

You should be able to see the TV picture in your LCD screen before you start recording.


I have tried with a scart cable, but also with the phono outs on another tv. Anyway, I think ill try and buy a scart out adapter, and that it works.

Thanks for your help


I think you would be best to connect the camcorder to a VCR as many TV's don't have any video outputs. Read the TV manual to check if it does have outputs, and if it does will it output the internal tuner or just pass through an input from another scart.


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