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This may be in the wrong place, but here goes.

Looking to record Sky to either dvd or to my laptop. I have two systems but neither are sufficiently good for my hd tastes. Basically looking for hd recording ability, probably a dvd recorder and not too much money, ie around £100.

I currently have access to an LG dvd recorder but it does record from the hdmi and is therefore poor quality. My laptop one via usb is not top end, a sub £60 named brand that records in big size files and is useful only for tablet watching.

cheers guys


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There is no DVD/BluRay/HDD Recorder on sale in the UK that has an HDMI input to copy from Sky+HD - I presume you meant to say - "I currently have access to an LG dvd recorder but it doesn't record from the hdmi and is therefore poor quality"

This has been done deliberately to stop people from copying HD content. There are a handful of machines that will allow you to connect your Sky box via SCART lead and copy in SD quality but you're doing that at the moment anyway.


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Cheers Max and yeah you got what I meant to say.

Would it be worthwhile looking into gold plated scarts and/or rca phono cables to try and get a few extra percent from my lg recorder or looking at upgrading from my pinnacle dazzle to something that records close to hd on a laptop.

I'm not at the stage of going back to a desktop system to solve my problem, but are there better options than my pinnacle dazzle for hd, or near to hd recording.


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