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Recording Sky and watching on a portable player


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I am new to DVD recording.

Can anyone give me an overview of what you need to get/do to record programs from my sky box to DVD and watch them on either a portable DVD Player or laptop DVD.

My sky box has a second RGB socket.

What formats are best/most compatible and is there anything special you need to do.

I was hoping to use RW+ disc's as I have a pile of these for my computer.


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First of all what recording device will you use to record from your sky box ?
The laptop dvd drive will prob be more forgiving with rw+ discs than a portable but only trying will tell.
I record from sky + box direct to -r media in DVD Recorder , finalise the disc in the recording machine and it plays fine in my portable dvd player or laptop.
Rgb out from sky to rgb in on recorder.
Select the recording quality for what is acceptable to you and how long the programme is, for gen use I use the SP setting on my Toshiba which is about 4.6 mb bit rate. Higher rate for archive copy or camcorder stuff.



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I was think of buying something like a Panasonic DMRES10 and attach it to the 2nd RGB scart socket on Sky box. I was thinking the Panasonic DMRES10 as it has RGB on both Scart sockets.

I was then thinking of buying a portable DVD player.

The idea was that I could use the personal planner feature on sky to select the program I wanted to record and then set the timer on the Panasonic DMRES10 to record the program, then watch the program on my very dull, slow and boring train journey to work every day.

Do I need to do anything clever with the Panasonic DMRES10 to record so that it is compatible with a portable DVD player. I know DVD RAM won't work in the portable.

Will this idea work?


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Not familiar with the panny model and timer but seems starightforward what u intend.
Its sometimes hit and miss choosing dvd blanks for compatability with players, however if you bought a panny portable then u have compatabilitiy with the ram disc.


Ensure you record at Normal speed SP (slow play) to your dvd-R


You can't record with +RWs on the DMRES10. Its pretty much the only disc you can't record with.
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