Recording SDI, it is possible.

Too Tall

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My question is simple.

Is it possible to record an SDI input signal onto the HDD to watch later or record on to a DVD?

Will PVR software do it?



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Depends what you're using to input the SDI. If its an Immersive H3DII card the answer is no. I am 99% certain there is no commercially available PVR software that will work with this card.

I think there are a couple of packages which will work with the Silk SDI card. Check on their website -


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You'd also need a huge HDD or an Mpeg(etc) encoder because of the huge data rate that SDI runs at. 360Mbs I think?

Too Tall

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The SILK website has a link to WDM drivers so that's a good sign.

Most PVRs encode into mpeg2 so as long as they can pick up the capture card it should be fine. I'd looked at the Silk before but I'd never noticed it had the WDM drivers. That should in thoery mean it will work.

Does anyone know someone that's done it?

My hope is to connect my Sky+ box to a HCPC via SDI to record to DVD. I have neither upgraded Sky box or SDI card at present. I wanted to make sure it was possible before starting to buy bits.


David PluggedIn

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Hi Too Tall

This is an area we are currently looking at - but we havent got anything commercially available *yet* :)

we'll keep you posted..


Nic Rhodes

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I am sure I have details of an SDI modded Pioneer player somewhere. It has SDI inputs and outputs but wasn't cheap


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I think it's a Pioneer DVR7000, there was one at the CEDIA Expo last year.

Alex Simon

BTW, the new SweetSpot WDM drivers also support the PMS SDI capture card that we sell so that's another solution for you. We've tested with a handful of freeware recording applications and ShowShifter. The quality is very very good indeed.

Our price for the capture card is £149 including european postage and UK/EU taxes + 1 year European warranty

We are in the process of implementing a full shopping cart on the site but for the moment if anyone wishes to purchase, email us at [email protected]

Hope that helps

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