Recording Problems This Week


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Had HD box for a couple of months, with few problems. Also, my Sky+ box very rarely had any problems.

My Anytime content dried up at the weekend, so turned it off / reset box / turned Anytime back on again, which seemed to fix things.

Yesterday afternoon, had Great Crimes & Trials set up at 14:30. Early eveing, Home & Away was recording (not mine guv'), and when trying to change channels, we couldn't as it said we were dual recording (Crimes & Trials still going from 14:30). However, it wasn't actually was sitting there saying it was still set to record (from hours ago). Took it out, and as evening wore on, had all sorts of dual recording problems. Reset box.

This evening, Property Ladder and Car Wars both failed - Technical Fault. Noticed this as at 21:00, recording light hadn't come on and we had Dresden Files and Apprentice set up. Reset box, and after reboot, both programmes started recording.

Getting a bit naffed off with this. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?



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Had Dresden files and Grand Designs fail tonight because the box decided to reset itself, had this happen a lot more since Anytime was switched on.


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Had property ladder and grand designs fail to record tonight, the red light didn't even come on, I turned anytime off a couple of days ago, anything to do with that?


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No Dresden here either. It was sat in planner but was not recording. A reboot solved problem. I'll have to wait until Sunday night now for repeat :mad:


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It really isn't very good, all this, is it? Perhaps it wouldn't be quite so galling if we weren't all paying about £600 a year (I realise this figure will differ between subscribers) for the service. I waver between being really pleased/proud to be a subscriber, for the pure joy of HD films and football, and being really quite offended by the ropey level of service in some areas. I'm getting just TOO MANY failed recordings these days, and it really isn't acceptable. If I'd paid a one-off nominal charge, as is the case for the plethora of Freeview boxes on the market, I might not be so bothered. But I didn't; I paid a PREMIUM for a so-called PREMIUM service, and very often feel I'm not getting it. I wish I could vote with my wallet, but I really can't be without the football, etc.

Didn't I read somewhere that Sky had recently posted out letters of apology to a large number of subscribers, for having failed in certain areas of its service? I certainly didn't get one. Or perhaps they were apologising in advance for the various malicious side effects of Anytime.

I think a growing number of early-adopter HD subscribers feel it's high time they DID get an apology, or some form of remuneration for an often patchy service.


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Same here: Dresden is still showing as due to record, not even marked as failed.

I can understand that new technology can have bugs and that Anytime might have some problems at first.
What I can't understand or feel happy about is Sky's attitude to its customers, i.e. its total lack of honest communication.

It would be really easy for them to have a web page that lists the software versions, roll-out dates, features altered, bug fixes, bugs being worked on etc ... there are plenty of small freeware / shareware authors that manage this so why can't Sky?

Similarly, we are left guessing how / when Anytime content is sent out, what is supposed to be on it (apart from that ghastly fyc presentation ...).
Even their own customer services department doesn't seem to have a clue on what's supposed to be going on.

In fact the only time Sky ever seems to communicate is when they think they can put a PR spin on things: e.g. when they activated sleep mode to try to get Anytime working better they sent out PR stories about how they were saving energy ...

This is the sort of thing that gradually makes one hate Sky. When will they realize that a bit of honest communication and technical information would save a lot of frustration and ill feeling?


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Grand designs didn't start recording for me either. Had it series linked, tried to manually start recording and it wouldn't let me do that either even after a restart. Had to delete it from the my planner completely and then it finally let me start recording it manually! 2nd program that has failed this week, not impressed....


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Tuesday night on Paramount Comedy 1 at 9.00pm & 9.30 Scrubs failed to record, noticed the red light wasnt't on so reset to record at 10pm on +1 and the first episode failed but the second recorded. weird:confused: :confused:

Again tried to record something and no red light, looked in the planner and it said recording but no programme was there:suicide: :suicide:


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Yup, mine just skipped recording Grand Design's altogether and it still shows 'To be recorded'. Also, skipped Scrubs on Paramount at 20.00 and then 'error'd with 'CLASHED' message on the next episode at 20.30. Something's definately not right.


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Have had problems my self but was told by sky that is was not a problem at ther end. Full of [email protected]:? again


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Have had problems my self but was told by sky that is was not a problem at there end. Full of [email protected]:? again


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I'm sure Sky read these Forums (free testing for them) so it's hard to believe that they don't think there is some sort of problem.


bones failed to record last bight on HD :mad: just said technical fault. also recording another program when the box turned it self off:mad: so it only recorded 30 mins of the 90 min program:mad:

also found that all my menu back grounds had gone from blue to grey ???

starting to get really annoyed:mad: :mad: :mad:



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