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Just had SKYHD installed and all seemed to be working OK. However, i have since found that SKY+ does not seem to want to work with SKY channels (appears OK with BBC etc...) - When pausing Live TV or recording a programme for playback i get an Information message "Programme is not available" with a message code of 26. This also occurs when trying to watch anytime TV programmes. I have spoken to SKY and their response is that they have not seen this issue before and will re-send the appropriate signals to ensure my card is updated properly and will then call me back.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? if so how was it resolved.

Also - Callback appears not to be working, but this seems a common issue!


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Thought i'd provide an update - SKY did indeed call me back but re-sending a signal to my SKY card with updated account info did not solve the problem and they are still non the wiser as to the root cause of the issue. Therefore they have scheduled an engineer to come round - i have checked that the engineer will be bringing a replacement box with them.

I will post again and let you know how i get on.


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Further update - I have just had an engineer round this afternoon to look at the issue. He had never seen this problem before either, he tried two new boxes which both provided exactly the same results - "This programme is not available" message with a reference number of 26 when trying to pause live TV or watch a recorded programme.

He also tested the reception which seemed to have a very strong signal and showed no problems, on either line - He had to admit defeat and suggested that all he can think of is an issue with my sky card as everything seems OK and it is highly unlikely all 3 brand new boxes which have been tested have the same problem.

I have since called SKY who said that all they can think of is to replace the card as they have never experienced this before - The trouble with this is that they said this could take 3-5 days and when they order the new card my current card will be de-activated meaing i have no service at all. This is not really the kind of response i was looking for. I have said i will get back to them to schedule this in as SKY is the only means of recieving a TV signal i have and with the weekend coming up I don't want to risk not having any TV over this period.

I will be calling them again to re-arrange this and talk about how they are going to compensate me, as i still find this whole position astounding.

I will keep posting to let you know how i get on, but if anyone else has experienced anything similar then i would be pleased to hear about it.


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This sounds like a case for an Email to the boss :cool:

[email protected]

I'm sure you will get a couple of months free as compensation.

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