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Apologies if in the wrong area - feel free to move mods!

Pace HD box, linked via Scart to Panasonic DMR-EZ28 DVD recorder.

When I record from the Sky Planner to the DVD recorder (to put onto disk) even though the output appears full screen the recordings come out as 4:3

I've looked at the box settings and the recorder set-up but can't for the life of me work out why this is happening.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.


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When I had a panasonic recorder, it only recorded at 4:3 and was not capable of recording at 16:9, the actual recording is 16:9, but the IFO file stored on the DVD says its 4:3, so the only way I found to get the correct aspect ratio was to use the aspect switching function of the TV to select 16:9 mode. The other way is to copy your burnt DVD onto a PC, edit the IFO file with an appropriate editor and reburn the disk back onto another DVD.


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Thanks for the quick response. Sounds a bit shoddy from Panasonic! The only work-around I managed thus far was putting the TV (Panasonic PZ800) onto Zoom2 which fills the screen, but obviously loses top and bottom of the image.


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Interesting problem - I also have a panny HDD/.DVD recorder. I have recorded many programs for a friend (Blue Square Premier matches from Setanta).

These play ok in 16:9 on my tv but he has said everyone looks tall and skinny on his - these recordings were done on dvd+r disks (using old stock from iwhen I had a philips dvd recorder.

Is this symptomatic of the same problem?


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Actually I've realised I wasn't quite right in what I said...sorry!

The playback on the DVD recorder is OK, but when it's when I play the DVD back through my Panasonic Home Theatre system (SA-PT870) that I get the problem with aspect ratio.

Given that my optical cable runs from the Sky box to the HT system, using the DVD recorder to play back means I can only get sound through the TV.

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