Recording one channel - Couldnt watch any others


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Had a programme in the planner set to record this evening. Put the box in standby and watched a DVD

At the end of the DVD, I turned on the sky box while it was recording and flicked to another channel. Where I got an error message cant remember exactly but said something about the signal.

Took a look in services, signal test where both channels were locked in and signal strength looked good.

However my Input1 Network ID was 0000 and Input1 Transport Stream was 0000

Normally these are Input1 Network ID 0002, Input1 Transport Stream 07d4

Recording was good, but until it finished I could only see the channel I was recording. Anyone know what went wrong?


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Check your coax cables. I had the same problem earlier today and found that one of the input coax cables was loose.


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Have checked cables both locked tight into the box. Though have noticed the phone line is showing as not connected.

Not sure if thats related or not.

Miss Chief

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won't be related to the phone box issue. Once the recording has finished reset the box and it should be fine. I assume you have the latest software?

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