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Got the box on Saturday and very pleased so far.
Or at least I was until I found that a timer recording I'd set for Channel 4 this morning actually recorded Sky One from my NTL cable box (AV2) when my daughter turned it on just before the programme was due to record. Odd. The thumbnails still listed it as "Channel 4" but it definitely wasn't. The Programme Check screen put a "!" next to the recording.

Any ideas? I'd set HDD recordings for the entire week last night as I'm away for a few days, a mix of recordings from terrestrial Channel 4 and Sky One from the cable box. Can't think of anything I've done wrong. Have a horrible feeling it's going to tape Sky One all week...


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Likely when she turned it on it over rode the settings and just recorded what station it was on at the time. I would imagine it has to be in standby for the timer function to work properly.


I presume a cable box, works the same as a Sky digital box...

The cable box must have been switched to sky one at some point.

Through AV2, the E85 will only record what you give it. Did you set the timer on the cable box too? did this get knocked off?


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If you have the input set as decoder it will only record what is on av2 no matter what analogue channel you have selected. The benefit though is that you can still watch digital while recording in rgb. If not set as decoder it will record from any specified channel or av input but you need a seperate feed from the digibox to actually see sky whilst recording.


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Thanks guys. I've sorted it now. I'd had AV2 input set as "decoder" rather than "normal" so, as suggested, the cable box was overriding the terrestrial input if on. Tested it this morning and worked fine.

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