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I@m in need of help regarding my camcorder!! I've managed to get my edited footage back off the computer and onto a miniDV cassette in my camcorder. I can play this back through the television using those yellow/red/white leads BUT how can I record onto a blank video? Any suggestions as to the settings I should have it on? (I'm sure this is a daft question but does the AV channel setting on a video need tuning in??)

Any help much appreciated.

Tim :confused:
You should be able to connect those yellow/red/white leads to the input of your VCR, possibly by means of a SCART adapter, depending on what connections your VCR has. Look for something labelled AV In or Ext In. Select external input on your VCR to switch the camera signal on and that should do the trick.

The AV channel does not need tuning in but you do need to select it quite often only by using the remote, where your VCR normally shows the channel number you need to use the remote to make it say AV (or L1 or A1 depending on the make of VCR) if you have your telly on and set it to your VCR channel you should see your video on the TV at the same time.

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