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Recording not playing


Standard Member
Has anybody else had an issue where you cannot play a recording?
The Planner shows it has recorded and space usage. You can select the start position etc., but the actual programme doesn't start.

Then the only way to get out is to use the "Guide" to jump up two levels since "Backup" doesn't work.

I've tried the unplug-it hard reboot, but that hasn't helped.
I'm loath to use the "recreate planner" option since I've read that there are issues with that option in HD and also I am concerned that I will lose the other recordings.

Any ideas?




I was just about to start a thread and found yours.

I had EXACTLY the same problem with a programme recorded on Tuesday night.

Funnily enough this was also the night that "anytime" finally downloaded itself.

I was wondering whether that caused it ?

I aslo tried everything to get into the programme without any luck:(



Active Member
I had this happen three times for me. Planner re-build didn't solve it. Called Sky and they advised to perform a full system reset.
I reluctantly agree and performed this a few days later (after I have watched all of my recordings which would have been wiped.) Since then I have had no issues, but it is early days.
I still have issues where certain keys don't work after a while. E.g. if I pause a recording then press plat, the button doesn't work. If I press a different button first, then the play button starts working again. This is extemely annoying when fast forwarding. I.e. press the play button and it keeps on going :mad:


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Well, I obviously spoke too soon. Went to watch Law & Order recording last night (Recorded Thurs\Fri middnight) and it won't play. Funny, but I seem to remember that this was the programme I had problems with last time. Same channel, same time. Co-incidence?

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