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Recording my Life


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Hello all,
I have always wanted to setup a camera in my room to record me at my best/worst for numerous reasons including my interest in human psychology and also my unique living style I also think it could be hilarious.

I'm hoping someone could recommend a decent/cheap setup for this (student budget) my assumption would be that i would need a;
stationary camera
and a special type of HDD or tape device designed for 24 hour recording

I am planning on editing either ever two days or weekly so i would need the Storage medium to last that length the important factor is how cheap i can get this setup the quality is second.



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IMHO you would do best with a decent web cam. Get one that is activated by movement so you won't have endless hours of an empty room, position it on a shelf stuck down with blue tack and store the footage on your computer.

If you need your computer for work (I assume that even psychology students do some) then buy a cheap second hand one to plug the cam into - it only needs to be able to store the footage so no need for bells and whistles. Transfer it to your main comp for editing.

I would think you could do the whole thing for a couple of hundred pounds.


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How about a basic security camera setup? If you buy a kit such as this...

B grade 4 CH Network DVR kit and Day/Night Camera + Smartphone Remote Viewing : CCTV Kits : Maplin Electronics

that will give you a single camera, with night vision, that can record automatically via motion detection, to a dedicated DVR. If you like, you could then get a cheap 2nd hand hard drive to easily increase the capacity of the unit (one here for £19 for a 500gb - http://www.avforums.com/forums/comp...ale-8-x-500gb-hdds-only-2-hdds-remaining.html)

Also you could add a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th!) camera to the setup, giving you something to actually cut between. Something like this should work - Sentient Outdoor CCTV Day / Night Camera : Bullet Cameras : Maplin Electronics

So £100 for the 1st cam + DVR (at which point you are setup and good to go - don't need to add anything else if you don't want to), plus £40 for a second camera & £20 for a bigger HDD - so £160 all in with multi angle.

Or, if you want something totally silent, how about something like this...

Digital Wireless Camera & Touch Screen Network DVR with Smartphone viewing : Digital Wireless : Maplin Electronics

You'd need to buy an SD card, & I don't know how much will fit on a 32gb card, but it should be silent. The DVR above claims to record 24 days of footage to its 160gb drive, so roughly judging by that, this one may manage about 4.8 days to a 32gb SD card (I stress roughly - fully depending on bitrate, resolution, etc). Remember also that those figures assume constant recording, rather than motion triggered. It is £170 though, so slightly more.
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