Recording multiscreen/interactive on Sky+


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Hi guys,

I've searched these forums and I can't find an answer to this.

Is it possible to record multiscreen channels with Sky+? The reason I ask is that the F1 practice sessions today are on the BBC multiscreens, but clash with the World Cup games, so I want to watch them after the games.

If anyone could let me know if and how this is possible, I'd appreciate it!

Thanks :thumbsup:


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Interactively I would expect that pressing instant record whilst viewing the 'Red button' selected channel should work,
However, for timer record I have no idea with the sky box.
You could revert to the old way and use a DVDR to record the output of the Sky box leaving the Sky box on the requird channel and programming the DVDR to record at the correct time. That assumes you have one.


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There is no way of recording the interactive (red button) options on a Sky+ or HD box (or even the freesat boxes) unless the broadcaster sets up a special EPG entry for the options as Sky Sports do for "Football First". Most non Sky/freesat PVRs can record these screens BUT do not have an EPG to make it easy.

Stevenage Neil

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A Freeview recorder will record Ch301, but as said before, I doubt that will be on the EPG.

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