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    I've recently bought a Panasonic DMREH50 and am very pleased with it - I just have a question about the different recording modes (XP, SP, Flexible etc). So far I've been setting the HDD to record programmes off Freeview at XP, as well as old VHS tapes which I want to burn. I do this cos I almost always want to edit out commercials & other unwanted stuff which means that Flexible Rec wouldn't come out right, as the timing of the things I want to burn to DVD will have changed. I always use Flexible Rec when burning though to get it all to fit perfectly (I also often am burning several short things onto 1 disc).

    Am I doing the right thing though?! I've read somewhere that XP etc modes re-encode the recording but Flexible doesn't - is that right? Does it really affect the quality that much? (hope not as I've copied most of my VHS collection to DVD now!)

    thanks for any help!

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