Recording Italian TV for a 73 year old lady!


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My mum being Italian and living in the UK likes to watch Italian TV and at the moment she has a dish and a basic Technomate receiver (Tm-1600 etc) anyway she can't record/pause etc and would very much like to be able to do that. Being 73 years of age. I need to find something thats simple a bit like sky+ I guess. I dont really have any knowledge myself so any advice on what receiver I could get her that would be able to record using a italian TV guide etc would be very much appreciated

Thanks for reading this.


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which satellite you watch italian tv on thought it was encryted on 13e the cheapest way would be connect a dvd recorder or pvr


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Possibly the only way of getting the same features and ease of a Sky+ box with the ability to record programmes directly from the EPG is to somehow obtain an official Sky Italia PVR and subscription - possible but not cheap.

Most other satellite receivers will give a 'Now and Next' EPG but, unfortunately, a full service provider's EPG will only be on an official receiver


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if you still have family in italy get them to subscribe to mysky(sky plus) for 15 euro a month then just move ther box to the uk where you will be able to use the pvr and epg i do the oppersite with english sky in italy

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