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Recording from video



I have just got a Philips DVDR70 but can't seem to get it to record from my VCR. Can someone tell me how to tune a channel on my dvdr to receive the vcr signal. Or is there some other setting etc that I need to set.

Here is a brief description of my current set up.
DVDR to TV (EXT1 ---- EXT1)
F/VIEW to DVDR (TV socket ---- EXT2)
VCR to TV (EXT1 ---- EXT2)

I only have one SCART socket in my VCR so I have had to skip the
VIEW to VCR (VCR socket ---- EXT2)
recommended by Philips

However when I play back video it overrides the dvd manual tuning page so I do not know what frequency or channel on the dvd will pick up the vcr signal.

If I set the dvd to EXT1 or EXT2 or CAM1 and try to record whilst the video is playing the dvd records what is on the Freeview. If I turn off the freeview I get NO SIGNAL.

I have tried every variation I can think of and am now getting a bit confused.

Can anyone rescue me??????? :confused:


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i wouldn't bother scarting your VCR - just use R/F (aerial) thru the recorder


Freeview > DVDR70 > TV
Freeview > TV

R/F Aerial lead

Aerial > Freeview > VCR > DVDR 70 > TV

You will need to tune a channel on DVDR70 to recieve the VCR
Play a Video
Goto the manual tuning section on DVDR70
Tune channel 6 or 7 until you see the video (likewise on the TV)


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But if you do that you loose stereo sound, ok for mono home movies, but not for anything decent.

To get a decent recording from the vcr you will temporarily have to disconnect the freeview box and connect the vcr instead. For normal use leave the vcr connected straight to the tv, useful for when two programs are on at the same time.

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