recording from v+ to dvd recorder problem!!


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i consider myself to be very literate with electronics e.t.c
heres my problem!

i have a samsung v+hd box
i have a samsung dvd recorder with hdd (dvd-sh893m)
i have 40" lcd samsung (le40a686m1fxxu)
i have a yamaha (rxv-3800) amplifier
i have samsung blu ray player (bdp1500)
i have wireworld ultraviolet hdmi cables throughout
i have qed performace scart cable

blu ray player is irrelivant in this post as is the amplifier really! (although everything is connected through the amp thats why ive listed it)

i have connected v+ to amp via hdmi
i have connected dvd recorder to amp via hdmi
i have connected amp to tv via hdmi
i have connected a scart lead from the V+ vcr out to the av2 socket on the dvd recorder!

when i go to v+ - extras - copy to dvd e.t.c and start to transfer from my v+ hard drive to my dvd recorder hard drive my dvd recorder only picks up sound, no picture!!

ive changed scart leads, try'd connecting v+ to tv via scart , try'd connecting dvd recorder via scart e.t.c in my views every connection possible has been made and unsuccesfull.

heres the intresting bit.

if i leave my setup as listed above with hdmi's to amp e.t.c. scart from v+ to dvd recorder and remove the scart from the dvd recorder plug it in to my tv to see if theres a problem with the dvd recorder while transfering data from the v+ via scart the tv picks up nothing!! (yes the tv is on av1 not hdmi1) not even any sound even though the dvd recorder was picking up sound!!
very annoying!!

please can someone help me!! i have never had a problem that i havnt resolved and this is annoying!!
i havnt botherd phoning virgin as the technical team is hopeless!!!
and engineers even worse! they just replace things not actually fix them!!

in aminute i might have to make that phone call!! hopefully not if some one on this forum can help me!! pleeeease!!!!:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::lease:
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Firstly if there is no video on the scart it maybe your TV just "closes" that input and hence no sound either.

I am not familiar with the Samsung version of the V+ but the Samsung V box and by report some SA V+ boxes (not mine) do not output RGB on the VCR scart but just composite. So try checking the scart input settings on both your HDD DVDR and your TV and try setting to composite if set on RGB.


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all sorted finally!!
i also get a constant picture and video through the vcr socket on the v+ box aswell as hdmi constant picture and video!
it doesnt have to be recorded to the dvd recorder via the recording options on the v+ box.
my problem was as follows!!
when my dvd recorder is using hdmi the scart sockets are disabled!
it will only let you use component to record when using hdmi for some very very odd reason! :eek:
and to add to the problem my qed scart lead had packed in! i took it apart and re solder'd it! working fine now!:)
i bought a new qed squart scart to component off ebay cheap sorted!!:thumbsup:
if any1 has any problems recording from v+ to hdd/dvdr contact me i will be pleased to help.

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