Recording from sky + to laptop


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Has anybody successfully done this. What i would like as a feedback is what capture card was used (usb type) and what other software was used , specially the audio side(can it be recorded in DD5.1) currently i have a sky + box and have just acquired a Sony Vaio laptop.
which has a dvd writer and there is a tv out card a Radion IGP 345M.Its also got IEEE 1394 host controllers.The card somehow doesnt have capture on it,although i could be wrong.Its a pentium 4 2.80 ghz,with 512 MB DDR SDRAM and a 60 gb drive.Thanks in advance.


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I have a Terratec Grabster 200 and use Ulead DVD Movie Factory to capture straight to MPEG1/2. It uses the sound card for audio, and captures audio direct to mp2 in the MPEG stream, so I guess it rules out SPDIF, which would require a separate AC3 file. Video quality is excellent. Produce an entire DVD with meus with one software application.

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